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Your Style, Your Way

An exploration of what it means to authentically own your style, your way. ¬†Authentic isn’t always polished though, so here’s to rough cuts, grainy film and VHS footage.

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Creative
  • Experience

Heading up the campaign, we sat down with former UFC Middleweight champion, devoted family man and avid gamer, Rob Whittaker; we discussed everything from what it takes to be a champion to why style is so important to him. As part of this three-part series, we also chatted with comedian, Ash Williams and filmmaker, Sam Evans, creating unique pieces for each.

Understanding this campaign hinged on the power of personal conversation, we aimed for an intimate ‘fly on the wall’ style, bringing the viewer right into the action. Adding another layer the series was filmed on mixed media formats of digital, 16mm film and VHS, fully utilising the raw and authentic underpinning.

The campaign was rolled out across print, digital, in-store and ultimately sparked a one of kind partnership between Politix and the UFC.