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AFL Affiliation

For most sleep isn’t consider, as important or influential as it should. Australia Football League athletes are well versed in how their evening rituals can affect their performance. 

  • Strategy
  • Marketing

What better group of people to help Regal Sleep Solutions showcase their products. We took these superstars and brought them, and their message, to an audience who shuts off very quickly if they aren’t engaged by interesting and new content.

In the comfort of their homes, we sat down with each player and talked about the importance each of them places on sleep as an elite athlete. We wanted to create personal content, that engaged young AFL fans, so to educate. An advertisement that gave guidance and advice they would absorb and use.

We sat with Tom Mitchell, Jaeger O’Meara, Isaac Smith, Jack Riewoldt, Gary Ablett, Jordan Lewis, Daniel Talia, Tex Walker, Michael Hurley and Jacob Weitering to name a few and talked all things football, life and of course, sleep.