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After Dark - Launching AW19 In Style

The adventure named, ‘After Dark’, is synonymous with the fun that is had behind the curtain, a secret space where secrets are made. You need to be in the know, to know about what lies behind the racks of dry cleaned suits. 

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There’s always been something mystical and mysterious behind the Laundromat. Every suburb seems to have one that never shuts, with machines whirling and fluorescent lights buzzing until the early morning. Is it all that it seems or is there a dark presence lurking behind closed doors. 

There is one such Laundromat in Newtown Sydney that sparks this question more than most. Behind an unassuming neon light dry cleaners lies an exclusive, invite-only pop up space custom built by leading Australian menswear retailer Politix.

Politix wants reintroduced themselves to the Australian market through an unforgettable and exclusive experience. An experience that will help elevate Politix public profile. An experience that helped elevate their public profile.

Bullfrog was there to capture this event in its entirety. The guests, the excitement, the space, the energy and all that was hidden behind the racks of dry cleaned suits.