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Laura Henshaw's Collection

Our aim was not only to capture an event, to capture the launch of Laura Henshaw, a Jaggad ambassadors, own personal range but to capture the spirit of those present. Jaggad may from the outside be simply a sports performance apparel brand but to many it is so much more, it is the embodiment of their slogan “A Life Athletic”, an active life and a healthy life.

  • Production
  • Creative

“I feel strong, I feel empowered, I feel confident” – Laura Henshaw. At Bullfrog we deliver above and beyond expectations. Working closer with Jaggad and their partner in this event, AIA Vitality, we delivered a series of videos expressing their core values and grasping the hearts of the women that were apart of Laura’s launch.

This culminated in Laura’s own personal hero video. An inside look into her why. Why she lives the lifestyle she does, why she moves her body, why she personifies Jaggad’s values.

We also provided on top of a more corporate event coverage video, a pledge video, another deeper look at a wider communities wants and desires for their year head. “To be more kind to myself” or “to go outside and be off my phone more”, we didn’t simply film an event, we got to know the people, the people that represent our client on a person to person level.